History. Tradition. Pride.

A neighborhood movement connecting the people and assets of the Westside of Grand Rapids.

Who We Are

History. Tradition. Pride.

These three words best characterize the neighborhoods within the historic West Side.

It is this common heritage among the three commercial corridors that binds us together for a coordinated purpose – “to celebrate where we came from as a community and embrace the opportunity of things to come”. In this spirit we welcome the opportunity before us to thoughtfully include even more words to describe our great neighborhood with words like “diversity”, “reinvestment”, and “vitality”.

An increased interest in investment and development projects, as well as new residents and new businesses have led to coordinated neighborhood planning efforts that celebrate who we are today and how we would like to grow well into the future.

To help revitalize our three business districts, and the residential neighborhoods connecting them, the Westside is establishing the fourth Corridor Improvement District (CID) in the city.

Oversight of this collaboration is provided by a Corridor Improvement Authority Board that would utilize Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and other capital resources to improve public spaces and promote the neighborhood.

West Leonard

The West Leonard Business District continues to see the expansion of downtown GR into the West Side.


The Stockbridge Area is the heart of the West Side CID, located along Stocking and Bridge.

West Fulton

The West Fulton Business District offers the convenience you need, close to Downtown Grand Rapids, and Grand Valley State University.

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