Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CID generate funds?
The primary revenue source is through TIF. Additional funding can come from grants or sponsorships.

Will TIF increase my property taxes?
No, TIFS’s do not raise the tax rate that you pay. The property tax rate is the same accross the city. You’re property taxes are determined by the assessed value of your property.

What is a CID?
The WestSide Corridor Improvement District (CID) allows the use of tax increment financing (TIF) to make capital improvements within our established commercial district. A CID is designed to assist development by reinvesting the tax dollars the city already collects right back into our district. The CID is governed by a city-appointed board called a Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA), which is comprised of local property owners, business owners, and one resident of the district.

Who governs the CID?
The CID receives oversight from a nine member board of neighborhood property owners, business owners and residents in the district.

Can I attend a meeting?
Yes. All Westside Corridor Improvement Authority meetings are held at 9:00am on the 1st Friday of the month at 415 West Leonard (unless noted). Meetings are open to the public

What does the CID Do?

  • Invest in public infrastructure improvements
  • Grant Special Development Liquor Licenses
  • Recommend tax incentives for individual projects