WestSide Logo Information

We are proud to have a logo that celebrates our History, Tradition and Prideā€¦

We encourage businesses and other stakeholders in WestSide to use our logo for marketing and branding the district. However, WestSide logos may not be used for any unauthorized usages, which may include: sale of items with logo for profits not benefiting the district, defaming the logo or transforming the logo to be used for private advantage.

The Black logo represents the WestSide as a whole, any official WestSide information will have the Black logo.
The Red logo represents the West Fulton Business District.
The Green logo represents the Stockbridge Business District.
The Blue logo represents the West Leonard Business District.

Download the Logo files by clicking the proper color logo below. You will find jpg, ai and eps versions of the logos both with and without the tag line in a zip file folder, again by color.

If you have any questions on logo usage please contact info@westsidegr.org