West Fulton Business District History

Amid proposals to develop property on Seward Avenue, near to GVSU’s campus, the community rallied together to begin a planning process that would eventually lead to the creation of “U to the Zoo,” an area specific plan for West Fulton. In 2012, this plan was adopted by Grand Rapids City Commission.

Substantial input from stakeholders and broad representation from various neighborhood constituencies constructed this plan in the best interests of all parties involved. The Steering Committee strived for consensus on the details of the plan, not relying on a simple majority vote. Significant outreach was done and through many community workshops and consensus meetings, this plan was molded into a future-based plan for the entire neighborhood. The Plan focuses on mixed-use land use, residential and community building, parking and infrastructure, and integrating the University with the neighborhood. With large entities on each gateway to the West Fulton Business District (GVSU and John Ball Park Zoo), the plan was aptly named “U to the Zoo.”

Today our work continues to bring the West Fulton Business District together with Stockbridge and West Leonard for the WestSide CID. Contact us to get involved.

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