West Leonard Business Association History

One of the oldest business associations in the City, the West Leonard Business Association was formed in the 1920’s. It is also the longest commercial strip within the City, comprising of nearly 200 businesses over its one and a half mile stretch.

In 1983, after the decline of the city population during the mid to late part of the twentieth century, the West Leonard Business Association formed a planning committee because of concerns over rising crime and vandalism, high vacancy rates, and the deterioration of some buildings. The City aided in an analysis of public and private infrastructure. This analysis led to identifying some goals and objectives for West Leonard. Strategies were developed to bring these goals and objectives to fruition and an action plan was adopted by City Commission in 1986.

Today our work continues to bring the West Leonard Business Association together with West Fulton and Stockbridge district’s for the WestSide CID. Contact us to get involved.

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